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What is Webcomical?

It's a website to store my soon-to-be-plentiful webcomics and webcomic-adjacent projects! Everything on this website was created by me, Tondron, in my spare time. I plan on publishing things here in the hopes that I can bring joy to all that pass by this humble site. The best part? Everything here has that signature Tondron flavor that you can't get anywhere else. (At least, it will once things are actually here.)

What can I expect?

A lot of things, actually. Once I get past the initial hurdles of being able to make things for an audience of approximately zero people, you can expect a site containing some real good stuff. I'm talking updates on a scheduled basis! What a thrill! As for the contents of the aforementioned webcomics, I might start out with something quaint and easy to produce. You know, just to get used to making stuff in general. Once that's over, expect bigger and better things over the course of time.

When can I read your comics?

Sometime soon, I hope. I've got a lot of things that I want to make, but it will take time to make them. But, do not fret! I promise to you, dear reader, that I will deliver something of passion and quality no matter the circumstances. Regardless, my projects will release at random times with no warning at all.

Also, I know I'm promising a lot of "something" after showing a whole bunch of nothing, but know that what I speak of will be true one day. Perhaps soon? No one knows!

Who's behind all this?

As I've previously explained, my name is Tondron. I'm a solo and very mediocre programmer, artist, and composer. This is really my first shot at creating big things on the internet, but who knows? Maybe I'll learn something along the way.

It's impossible to find me online in most scenarios because I don't have accounts on any platforms. My links will be updated as they are created at the footer of this page. If you want to support me, then I will laugh at you because I haven't done anything to deserve your praise yet.

What the heck is on the Archive page?

If you couldn't tell already, the website and actual comics aren't finished yet. I'm still working on getting the backend set up right now. However, the Archive page may have something cool and random on it right now. Go check it out before it disappears forever.

Thank you for checking out my website!